Monday, January 31, 2011

An Announcement from Pastor Truwe

This is a copy of the announcement I made during yesterday's Divine Service:

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

On Monday, January 24th, I learned that Concordia Lutheran Church, Jackson, TN, has issued to me a Divine Call to serve as their Pastor. The documents and accompanying material have now arrived, and I am in the process of reviewing them. Just as you were led by the Holy Spirit to call me to be one of your pastors, so now the people of Concordia Lutheran Church have been led by the same Holy Spirit to extend to me this call.

I ask that you join me and Jamie in praying for a decision that will be for the good of Christ's kingdom and for the benefit of both congregations involved. If you have any questions about the call process, or wish to offer any thoughts, one way or the other, please don’t hesitate to share them with me. I hope to announce my decision on Sunday, February, 20th.

I thank you for your prayers.

God bless,

Pastor Truwe