Wednesday, July 12, 2006

3 Down, 1 To Go!

It's official, assuming the reports arrive at the vicarage office without complication, I have passed my final evaluation.

The room was darkened upon entry, and the inquisition began with a sight translation of the German edition of the Book of Concord, and then moved to the Indian Hymnal. The beads of sweat started to pour down as I sat, nervously awaiting what promised to be a most intense interrogation.

And if you believe this, you didn't read my previous post. My final evaluation was just the continuation of a positive experience. My supervising pastor, Pastor Blomenberg, along with Pastors Bloch and Rodriguez, sat down and went over their report. They shared with me their answers, and elaborated on them, affirming me and giving me constructive advice in the process. Then I shared with them my report. There were no surprises, as we have had an open relationship throughout the year. If there were issues we hadn't talked about by now, none of us would be doing our jobs.

We had lunch at the Chinese Buffet with the entire church staff, and they presented Jamie and I with a picture of the church, framed, matted, and signed by all. It was a great day, but we will wait to say our "goodbyes" for another two weeks. It's official, three years down, one year to look forward to!


Jamie said...

babe, I'm looking forward to the year ahead. Lots of exciting stuff in store for us! You've done an amazing job at Immanuel and I know they will truly miss you, like we will miss them! Here's looking forward with our eyes on the Cross to see what He has planned for us! I LOVE YOU!

Kathy Alberring said...

Of course I have to say 'something'. We WILL miss you. We already do. I picked up the new vicar's business cards today and his name plate is on the door. They just pulled in with their moving van, but YOU WILL NOT be forgotten. Have a wonderful year. Kathy

Casey said...

Hey GT!

Sorry I never answered your ??? about Balaam's ASS blog. I just figured out that I had comment moderation on and that is why none of the comments ever posted!!! I was wondering why no one ever wrote! Anyway, BA is part Mike Goers and part some other Seminarian (Tim Winterstein???). Some of the views are a bit conservative and wack-o for my tastes and I am sure to tell Mike that too. Hope you are doing well!