Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Essential Lutheran Library

Those who have been with me regularly in Bible class know that I love books, and reading, and learning, and finding out that others enjoy reading and learning as well.

While there is a wealth of edifying reading out there to keep one busy, there is also, an unfortunately greater wealth of reading that would confuse the faithful, or worse, cause them to doubt the true teachings of the Scriptures that are difficult enough to grasp by themselves. Of course, as a pastor who is concerned that the sheep of God’s flock are not lead astray, I thought it would be helpful to offer a few suggestions for books that would be good to have on your bookshelves (hence the bookshelf to the left!).

The publishing house of the LCMS (CPH) has been putting out some wonderful volumes recently. Over at his blog, Rev. Paul McCain has recently posted about what he calls “The Essential Lutheran Library.” Here is an excerpt from his post:

“These are volumes that I deem absolutely essential for every Lutheran to have, and to use. These are not intended to be pretty books on a bookshelf, although surely they are that, but to be volumes for the Christian life, always leading and aiding people to hear the voice of the Good Shepherd, calling them to Himself, welcoming them to His Table, for the the meal for pilgrims he provides to us, in anticipation of the great feast to come in His kingdom.”

Read the full post here: Rev. McCain's blog.

The Essential Lutheran Library consists of the following six titles:

The Lutheran Study Bible

Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions

Lutheran Service Book (or TLH or LW)

Luther's Small Catechism

Treasury of Daily Prayer

Lutheran Book of Prayer

To this "core" there are two other volumes designed to look similar:

Reading the Psalms with Luther

Starck's Prayerbook

It would be this pastor's dream to know that these books were on the bookshelf of every home, and were well-worn by their regular use in family and personal devotions.

I hope to add additional books to my shelf, books that I am currently reading, have read in the past, or hope to read soon. Until then, the six books on the shelf are my recommendation for the foundation of a home library. In other words, if you are wondering what sort of books to share with your family, start with these six, and you’ll be off to a solid start.

Happy reading!

Peace in Christ

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