Friday, August 14, 2009

The Lutheran Study Bible--Sign Up Now

This post is particularly for members of Mt. Calvary. This Sunday we will be handing out copies of the "sampler" in Bible Class so you can preview The Lutheran Study Bible. You will also have the opportunity to sign up to pre-order your very own copy, and to order copies for your loved ones to give as birthday or Christmas gifts.
We have received word from CPH that the first edition is being ordered up QUICKLY, and they cannot guarantee that the second printing will be mailed by Christmas. SO...We will be submitting orders as we receive them. Don't wait. Sign up this Sunday. You don't want to be without this valuable resource (I totally just sounded like a salesman!).


Jamie said...

Can't wait to get our copy! When do they actually come out?

Captain Aunt Susan said...

I can't wait either! Does this mean I can clear my shelves of all those other volumes. Two is enough right??

Greg said...

The first printing will be available at the end of October (Reformation), and CPH will begin shipping pre-orders at that time in the order they have received them. Hence the importance of getting the orders in now.

But which two to keep? Such a tough call. The Lutheran Study Bible, The Book of Concord, The Treasury, and Lutheran Service Book. See my post on The Essential Lutheran Library (or the bookshelf in the sidebar).

The Small Catechism is included in most of the other volumes, so a budget conscience person could do without that one (although the explanation is quite helpful). And the Lutheran Prayer book is a nice resource to have as well.

It all depends on your devotional routine, but for me, none of these volumes are loosers.

Hope Michigan is treating you well!

Anonymous said...

Another Susan in MI.
Have all four plus I added Luther's Prayer Book.