Monday, March 05, 2007

Ten More Weeks!

Today I purchased the textbooks for my final quarter of classes here at the seminary. Ten years after completing high school, it's hard to believe I only have ten weeks left! I am looking forward to one more opportunity to learn from the quality professors here in St. Louis. It was tempting to take classes that would be easier, but I decided to choose my course load based on the professors.

The distractions will be many during this quarter, and all of them will be good things, which makes it even more difficult to stay focused: my family, and especially my beautiful daughter Naomi, intramural softball, as the weather improves I will want to be outside, call day, graduation, moving plans, etc.

As call day approaches, please keep all my brothers, and our families, in your prayers. There is the potential for a significant shortage of calls, as our class is the largest in over 30 years. Please also pray for those congregations who will be calling a seminary graduate. Pray that the Lord would provide calls for all those eligible.