Saturday, December 10, 2011

"Bye Bye" Pujols, Part 2

Just thought you all should know, that not all the males in the Truwe household responded to the Pujols signing so well.  At lunch when I broke the news to (three-year-old) Micah, there were tears.  At dinner, however, he announced that his new favorite Cardinal would be Lance Berk-"man."

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Pujols Goes "Bye-Bye"

Cards offered what they thought they could afford AP, who had the finest 10-year- start to a career in baseball history. I would have loved to watch AP play with the birds on the bat for another 10 years, but, I'll admit I was not comfortable with a 10-year contract at that rate. His numbers may or may not continue to decline in the next five years; he's never failed to astonish us. But, the ev...idence is overwhelmingly against AP being worth $25/year the last 5 years of a 10-year deal. He is the best baseball player I've ever watched, and Cards fans are furtunate to have had him for 10 years. I wish him well in Anaheim, and like most everyone else, am glad he won't be in the NL (Central).

But for those of you who say this decision was about greed, consider this. Money is a blessing; it is not sinful by itself. (It is the love of money that is sinful) When the Lord--who gives all good gifts--gives someone more $$, that person has an opportunity to use that $$ in service to his neighbor and to the glory of God. If you think AP made this decision based on greed alone, I would challenge you to do some reading about AP's foundation, his record of charity work, and his overall approach to serving whatever communities he has an opportunity to benefit. My guess is that he'll continue to serve his neighbor with the gifts of God, he'll just be doing it more regularly in a different community.