Saturday, January 10, 2009

Anybody out there?

I'm amazed by the consistency of many bloggers out there (yes, Jamie, you are one of them!). But even more, I'm continually impressed with the content of the posts on a couple of the blogs I follow. And it appears I'm not the only one following these particular blogs; it's not unusual for a single post to be followed by 10, 15, or even 20+ comments. Which got me thinking...

Does anyone follow this blog? I confess, my own lack of consistency in blogging would be enough to prohibit most people from even checking this thing, much less sticking around to read it. And those periodic posts that fail to produce any comments only confirm this. Still, I'm curious. So I've added a few things to the old blog to satisfy this curiosity. Thanks for your help, Jamie!

1) There's an invisible counter that will tell me when and if someone ever visits, and where they're from.
2) There's a chat box for those of you who don't wish to leave a comment regarding a post, but want to just drop a line.
3) Finally, there's a place for people to actually let me know that they read, and maybe even follow, this blog. Check it out over there to the left, and sign up to "follow" this blog.

Who knows, maybe the knowledge that someone out there in cyber space actually reads this, will motivate me.


Jamie said... anyone out there?

Dana said...

I do check your blog Greg. Thanks for giving food for thought. I love you!

jWinters said...

I had no idea YOU were out there until I saw your note in Syndouloi. Now I do, and I just put you into Google reader.

If you want more traffic, there are some easy things to do:

a.) Tell Aardvark Alley to list you on the BBOV -

b.) Get listed on Lutheran Blog Directory

yada yada...

in Christ,

in Christ,