Monday, October 05, 2009

No Daily Devotional Thought (Monday -- Wednesday)

Jamie and I are headed to Comfort, TX, to celebrate our 7th Anniversary. We will be staying at the Haven River Inn, where full-time church workers receive two nights free lodging each year. This is made possible through the support of The Lamb's Tale Ministries. Naomi and Micah will be staying Pastor and Connie Barz. We are grateful for their loving care of our wonderful children while we enjoy two nights away.

Because even a brief vacation is to be...well...a vacation. I will not be posting Daily Devotional Thoughts Monday through Wednesday of this week. I will resume posting on Thursday morning.

That does not mean, however, that you have to go without. Check out these links and find a daily devotion that suits you.

For some serious meat:

From Lutheran Hour Ministries:

For a New Lutheran Quote of the Day, an Old Lutheran Quote of the Day, and a Patristic Quote of the Day, as well as other pastoral musings:

For a wealth of devotional material to use in your home:
Check out the Congregation at Prayer, published every Sunday in Mt. Calvary's bulletin.

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