Friday, October 16, 2009

The Essential Lutheran Library (Finally!)

With the arrival of The Lutheran Study Bible on Wednesday afternoon, The Essential Lutheran Library is complete in my study. Doesn't it look pretty! CPH is now selling this as a bundle, in three editions: Standard ($129.99); Premium ($199.99); and Ultimate ($229.99). I've written about TELL before; you can read that post here. Here is CPH's description of the product:
Since the days of the Reformation, certain key books have been a part of the life of Lutherans: the Bible, the hymnal, the Catechism. In addition, Lutherans have treasured prayer books and the Book of Concord as essential texts to keep their eyes fixed on Christ. The books in The Essential Lutheran Library will serve to give shape and definition to the faith and life of every Lutheran Christian.

There is another edition of TELL that CPH isn't selling...yet. It the Pastor's Edition and it contains the Pastoral Care Companion, a most helpful little book that I take with me on hospital visits, when I bring the Lord's Supper to our shut ins, and on so many other occasions. Along with the Agenda, which provides the rites for Holy Matrimony, Funerals, Confirmations, etc, the Pastor's Edition of TELL would be a wonderful gift for any man thinking of heading off to the seminary to become a pastor. And by the way, it looks pretty good in my study as well! Here's to you, CPH, for the fine service you are providing to the Church!

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